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I tryed this code more than once, but it still not reading my dvdsMy problem is that I live in Brazil, but I came back from holidays in Australia and I cannot play the DVDs that I bought and burned there, so Cannot play movies and pictures from my trip!I hate this lock system! Its not necessary!!If someone knows something that could work, please tell me!Thanks!Tr

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Hi Solly, just checking if you ever managed to figure out how to fix this dvd player. My situation is virtually identical to yours... I've had no problem with the USB port though, and the .avi files i have on dvds and cds have worked fine... it's just this weird picking and choosing of which Region 1 discs it will read that is the only headache.

Hi. Recently found out and used the code to change my dvd from region 4 to region 9 allowing me to play several dvds sent by family from overseas for the first time. However, now I find I am unable to play any region 4 (new or old) whether on region 9 and I can't change the code back to 4. I have been following the instructions to the letter. A friend said I may have to change the dvd player back to factory defaults and start again, however, samsung cannot help me with this. Can anyone suggest anything?Don't want to have to replave the dvd player and start over again.Cheers. 041b061a72


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