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Star Wars Attack Of The Clones Torrent

As Anakin Skywalker and his padawan went inside the monastery, Torrent Company was assigned to secure the area and watch for intruders. While watching, they spotted a Separatist carrier filled with battle droids. The CIS attacked the clones and overpowered them. The clones barricaded themselves in the monastery, but the Separatists opened it. The clones were taken captive, but after a distraction, they started the fight again. General Kenobi and his troops came to help them, and eventually the Republic won and the Separatists were defeated. Torrent Company was in terrible condition. They had lost all of their troopers except six troopers and they really needed replenishment.

Star Wars Attack Of The Clones Torrent

The remaining clone troopers of Torrent Company prepared a desperate defense against the inevitable Confederacy assault. Skywalker and Tano retreated to evacuate the Huttlet, while Torrent Company deployed explosive ordinance and tripwires to slow the Separatist attack. Shortly after the Jedi retreated, the droid forces overrode the door controls to the monastery and instantly began the assault on the remaining troopers, who numbered just a quarter of the force they deployed with. The clones managed to inflict heavy casualties, but were eradicated with the exception of six troopers, including Zeer.[2]

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The B'omarr Order Monastery soon came under attack by Separatist forces in the form of several C-9979 landing craft, which deployed squadrons of Vulture droid starfighters and an army of battle droids to retake the monastery. At Rex's order, Coric and fellow Sergeant Hez took their respective squads to provide covering fire in the building's courtyard alongside the Republic's only All Terrain Tactical Enforcer as the rest of the Republic forces retreated into the monastery. The AT-TE walker was destroyed by the approaching battle droids, and Coric and the few survivors made it back to the monastery under Skywalker's orders, but during the attack he witnessed the death of clone trooper Lunn and was gravely saddened afterwards but had to move on since they was no time to rescue him, and he managed to retreat back to the inside of the monastery before Skywalker shut the doors on the droids, sealing his battle group inside the monastery, Only three-quarters of Torrent Company had survived the Separatist' counterattack, with Coric among the three remaining medic-trained troopers. At a single gesture from Rex, all of the clones hastened to prepare defenses inside the monastery against the battle droids, which would inevitably find a way to entre the stronghold. Eventually, Skywalker, Tano, and the astromech droid R2-D2 left with Rottato find an alternate exit from the monastery and secure medical attention for the Huttlet. Not long after the Jedi departed, the battle droids succeeded in breaking through the entrance door's lock mechanism and launched their counterattack on the remainder of Torrent Company. Wave after wave of B1 and B2 battle droids and DSD1 dwarf spider droids stormed into the monastery's antechamber and blasted through the clones, unfortunately three troopers where killed and costing the lives of Sergeant Hez, and trooper Ged, as Ged was right next to Coric, he was very saddened of Ged's death that a brave soldier died and was unlucky, During the fighting, Coric was surprised by an approaching droid. Caught on a reload, he swung his blaster sideways like ! club and received assistance from Rex, who put a stream of bolts into the droid. By the time that the droids had been secured the monastery, only eight survivors of Torrent Company were left, with Rex and Coric among their number. When Rex contacted his remaining men over their private frequency and told them to report in if they still survived, Coric replied with the others and stated tha the had made it through with only a few bruises. As Rex told the six troopers to follow his lead and join him on escaping the monastery when the time came, Dark Acolyte and Separatist Supreme Commander Asajj Ventress found and interrogated the Captain on Skywalker's whereabouts. After Ventress threw Rex aside and departed to confront Skywalker and Tano, leaving her droids to guard the clones, Coric checked on Rex over their frequency to confirm that his commanding officer was still with them. Rex replied positively and shared a few jokes with Coric and the others about the names that Ventress called them. Continuing to maintain unmoving positions on the ground to avoid alerting the droids to their continued survival, both Rex and Coric attempted to find a clear comlink channel but were unable to receive any from their helmet' frequency. Presently, Skywalker contacted Rex over the latter's wrist comlink, and the message blared loud enough for the clones' battle droid guards to hear. Roused by the audio, the troopers prepared for the fight against the droids that would inevitable follow.

Following Rex's lead of tearing down the nearest droid, Coric and the other four clones sprang to their feet. Coric snatched the rifle from a battle droid as it tottered backwards and joined his comrades at the AT-TE walker, where they took cover from the battle droids. but in the attack CT-9932 was killed in the attack, and they took cover from the battle droids.


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