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REM Body Morphs.rar ^HOT^

She comes with detailed skin crafted on the Genesis 3 Base UV set and custom Zbrush sculpted HD head and body morphs built off the base Genesis 3 Female shape. Cute fairy ears are also included to turn her into a fairy or elf! Glimmer includes 8 eye colors, 8 normal makeups, 8 dragonfly fantasy makeups, 8 matching lip shades and 8 nail colors.

REM body morphs.rar


Besides her I'm almost finished with another model, I'm also working on some separate body and head morphs as some has expressed interest in those and hopefully I will also be able to push out that pose pack I talked about by the end of the month. 041b061a72


Benvenuto/a nel gruppo! Puoi connetterti ad altri iscritti, ...
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