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Popeye The Sailor Man Movie In Hindi Download

Popeye The Sailor Man Movie In Hindi Download: A Fun and Nostalgic Watch for All Ages

If you are a fan of the classic cartoon character Popeye the Sailor Man, you might be interested in watching his live-action movie adaptation in Hindi. Popeye is a 1980 American musical comedy film directed by Robert Altman and starring Robin Williams as Popeye and Shelley Duvall as Olive Oyl. It is based on the comic strip created by E. C. Segar and follows Popeye's adventures as he arrives in the town of Sweethaven and meets his love interest Olive Oyl, his rival Bluto, and his adopted son Swee'Pea.

Popeye The Sailor Man Movie In Hindi Download

What is the plot of Popeye The Sailor Man Movie?

The movie begins with Popeye, a gruff but good-hearted sailor, arriving at the small coastal town of Sweethaven while searching for his missing father. He rents a room at the Oyl family's boarding house where the Oyls plan to have their daughter Olive become engaged to Captain Bluto, a powerful, perpetually angry bully who manages the town in the name of the mysterious Commodore. However, on the night of the engagement party, Olive sneaks out after discovering that the only attribute she can report for her bullying fiancé is size. She encounters Popeye, who failed to fit in with the townsfolk at the party. The two eventually find an abandoned baby in a basket. Popeye and Olive adopt the child, naming him Swee'Pea after the town Sweethaven, and the two return to the Oyls' home.

Bluto, whom Olive has stood up, finds out about this encounter and, out of rage, beats up Popeye and imposes heavy taxes on the Oyls' property and possessions. A greedy taxman follows up on Bluto's demand, but Popeye helps the Oyls' financial situation, winning a hefty prize by defeating a boxer named Oxblood Oxheart. The next day, Popeye discovers that Swee'Pea can predict the future by whistling when he hears the correct answer to a question. J. Wellington Wimpy, the constantly hungry local mooch and a petty gambler, also notices this and asks Popeye and Olive to take Swee'Pea for a walk. He actually takes him to the "horse races" (a mechanical carnival horse game) and wins two games. Hearing of this, Olive and her family decide to get in on the action and use Swee'Pea to win, but an outraged Popeye takes Swee'Pea away.

Later, after Popeye throws the taxman into the sea (thereby earning the town's respect), Wimpy kidnaps the child at Bluto's orders. Bluto then sets sail to find hidden treasure on Scab Island using Swee'Pea's whistling ability. Popeye follows them with Olive's help and confronts Bluto on Scab Island. There, he also meets his long-lost father Poopdeck Pappy, who reveals that he is also searching for treasure and that he is held prisoner by Bluto. Bluto eventually finds an ancient shipwreck that contains gold coins and jewels. He tries to kill Popeye by dropping an anchor on him, but Popeye survives thanks to eating spinach that he finds inside a can that Pappy had given him earlier. Popeye then uses his newfound strength to defeat Bluto and his men and rescue Swee'Pea and Pappy.

The movie ends with Popeye reuniting with his father and sailing back to Sweethaven with Olive, Swee'Pea, Wimpy, and some of Bluto's former men who have switched sides. They celebrate their victory by singing "I'm Popeye The Sailor Man", Popeye's signature song.

Where can you watch or download Popeye The Sailor Man Movie in Hindi?

If you want to watch or download Popeye The Sailor Man Movie in Hindi, you have several options available online. One of them is Paramount Movies YouTube channel, where you can rent or buy the movie in HD quality with Hindi subtitles or dubbing. You can also find other platforms that offer streaming or downloading services for this movie by searching online using keywords like "Popeye The Sailor Man Movie In Hindi Download" or "Popeye The Sailor Man Movie In Hindi Watch Online". However, be careful of any illegal or unsafe websites that might harm your device or violate copyright laws.

What are the reviews and ratings of Popeye The Sailor Man Movie?

Popeye The Sailor Man Movie received mixed reviews from critics and audiences when it was first released in 1980. Some praised the film's faithful adaptation of the comic strip, the performances of Williams and Duvall, and the musical score by Harry Nilsson. Others criticized the film's slow pace, lack of plot, and excessive slapstick humor. The film has a 5.3/10 rating on IMDb based on 33,000 user votes, a 64% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 25 critic reviews, and a 3.1/5 rating on Letterboxd based on 9,000 user ratings. [1] [2] [3]

However, over time, the film has gained a cult following and has been reevaluated as a unique and charming musical comedy. Some fans appreciate the film's whimsical tone, quirky characters, and surreal sets that were built on the island of Malta. The film has also been recognized as one of Williams' most memorable roles and one of Altman's most underrated works. The film was nominated for three awards: an Academy Award for Best Original Song ("Popeye"), a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song ("Popeye"), and a Saturn Award for Best Fantasy Film. [4] [5] [6]

What are some trivia and facts about Popeye The Sailor Man Movie?

Popeye The Sailor Man Movie has some interesting trivia and facts that you might not know. Here are some of them:

  • The film was originally conceived as an animated movie by Paramount Pictures and King Features Syndicate in 1975, but it was later changed to a live-action movie after the success of Superman (1978). [7]

  • The film was produced by Robert Evans, who had previously produced hits like The Godfather (1972) and Chinatown (1974). He hired Robert Altman to direct the film after being impressed by his work on Nashville (1975) and MASH (1970). [8]

  • The film was Robin Williams' first feature film role. He was cast as Popeye after Altman saw him on the TV show Mork & Mindy (1978-1982). He had to wear prosthetic makeup and contact lenses to resemble the comic strip character. He also had to learn how to mumble and sing like Popeye. [9]

  • The film was Shelley Duvall's fifth collaboration with Altman. She had previously worked with him on Brewster McCloud (1970), McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971), Thieves Like Us (1974), and 3 Women (1977). She was cast as Olive Oyl because of her physical resemblance to the comic strip character. She also had to wear a wig and a corset to accentuate her features. [10]

  • The film featured several other characters from the comic strip, such as Bluto, Wimpy, Poopdeck Pappy, Swee'Pea, Castor Oyl, Nana Oyl, Cole Oyl, Rough House, Geezil, The Taxman, Ham Gravy, Bill Barnacle, Harry Hotcash, Cherry, Oxblood Oxheart, Mrs. Oxheart, The Commodore, and Bernice the Whiffle Hen. Some of them were played by actors who had worked with Altman before, such as Paul Dooley, Richard Libertini, Donald Moffat, MacIntyre Dixon, Roberta Maxwell, Allan F. Nicholls, Bill Irwin, Robert Fortier, David McCharen, Sharon Kinney, Peter Bray, Linda Hunt, Ray Walston, and Paul L. Smith. [11]

  • The film featured several original songs written by Harry Nilsson and arranged by Van Dyke Parks. Some of them were "Sweethaven", "Blow Me Down", "Everything Is Food", "He Needs Me", "Sailin'", "I Yam What I Yam", "He's Large", "I'm Mean", "Kids", "It's Not Easy Being Me", "Din' We", "Swee'Pea's Lullaby", "I'm Popeye The Sailor Man", and "Popeye". The soundtrack album was released by Boardwalk Records in 1980 and reissued by Varèse Sarabande in 2017. [12] [13]

  • The film was shot on location in Malta from January to June 1979. A large set was built on Anchor Bay to create the town of Sweethaven. The set consisted of 19 buildings that were fully furnished and functional. The set also included a breakwater that was built to protect the bay from rough seas. The set cost $2 million to build and took seven months to complete. After the filming was done, the set was left intact and became a tourist attraction known as Popeye Village or Sweethaven Village. [14] [15]


Popeye The Sailor Man Movie is a fun and nostalgic watch for all ages. It is a faithful adaptation of the comic strip created by E. C. Segar and features the adventures of Popeye, Olive Oyl, Bluto, Swee'Pea, and other characters in the town of Sweethaven. The film stars Robin Williams and Shelley Duvall in their memorable roles and features original songs by Harry Nilsson. The film received mixed reviews when it was first released, but has gained a cult following and has been reevaluated as a unique and charming musical comedy. If you want to watch or download Popeye The Sailor Man Movie in Hindi, you can find several options online. However, be careful of any illegal or unsafe websites that might harm your device or violate copyright laws.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some spinach and enjoy Popeye The Sailor Man Movie in Hindi today! d282676c82


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