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8 : The Deep Sea King

Furious, the Deep Sea King returns and catches Genos off guard with a destructive punch to the head whilst also holding onto Genos's arm, ripping it from his body.[9] Genos, worried that he might not win, orders all of the remaining civilians to evacuate the shelter, but Deep Sea King exclaims that all humans are his prey and that none will escape.[9] Deep Sea King is then met with a powerful kick from Genos but he is prepared for the attack and he simultaneously retaliates with a punch.[9] The Deep Sea King and Genos then trade blows for some time until a little girl who was evacuating yells back to Genos, urging him to hang in there. Upon hearing this, an annoyed Deep Sea King spits acid at the child, stating that brats should keep quiet and melt away.[9] Left with no other choice, Genos throws his body into the path of the acid spit, saving the little girl but damaging his body greatly. Taking advantage of this, the Deep Sea King grabs Genos by the head and throws him into a nearby wall and then quickly follows-up with a devastating punch that sends Genos through the wall and out onto the street.[10]

8 : The Deep Sea King

Standing over a heavily damaged Genos, the Deep Sea King admonishes him for his selflessness, but goes on to praise him for managing to injure the Deep Sea King, despite the fact that the injury had already healed.[10] Before the Deep Sea King could finish off Genos, he is attacked from behind by Mumen Rider. Though the attack had no effect, the Deep Sea King turns to meet this new challenger.[10] Mumen Rider charges forward with a punch, but the Deep Sea King easily blocks it and then grabs Rider and proceeds to flail him around like a rag-doll.[10] The Deep Sea King then tosses Rider away and, thinking the C-Class hero was defeated, turns back to Genos to deliver the final blow.[10] However, before the Deep Sea King can do so, Mumen Rider is back on his feet, and, despite heavy injuries and knowing full well he can't do anything, attacks once more, only to be swatted away by an extremely annoyed Deep Sea King.

Fed up, at last, the Deep Sea King delivers one final blow to Mumen Rider, knocking him right into the arms of the newly arrived Saitama.[10] Enraged by a comment from the confident Saitama, Deep Sea King delivers a blow to the back of Saitama's head, but it appears that the attack does little more than annoy the bald hero.[3] The Deep Sea King comments on Saitama's impressive durability considering that all the other heroes before him fell so easily, but Sea King is infuriated when Saitama states that Deep Sea King's blow was just so damn weak.[3] The Deep Sea King goes on to boast about his title as king of the sea, but is further annoyed when Saitama tries to rush his monologue. Deep Sea King unleashes a powerful blow, but is cut short by Saitama's own attack which blows a hole through the seafolk's body and creates a massive shock-wave that stops the rain.[3] The Deep Sea King then falls to the ground, defeated at last.[3]

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: The Deep Sea King was shown to be a very skilled combatant capable of defeating two S-Class heroes, and seemed to have lots of combat experience, as seen when he lectured Puri-Puri Prisoner on how to fight properly, by putting much more effort into attacking an opponent with more intent to kill. He also seemed to have a preference for combo attacks, attacking his opponents mostly with a barrage of punches.

Has anyone thought of installing some big ass fucking automated guns at strategic points around the city to shoot the monsters before they get far enough along that people have to actually flee inside the huge and obvious dome? Because I think this would be a slightly better idea than the current method of calling a bunch of guys in costumes and hoping for the best.

Second, something strong enough to best a Class S is on the scene. This may be the battle he has been looking for. Finally, at long last, a fight worthy of his impossible strength is at hand. Saitama is stoked.

Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant: The Deep Sea King was a skilled combatant capable of easily defeating two S-Class Heroes, and seemed to have lots of combat experience, as seen when he lectured Puri-Puri Prisoner on how to fight properly, by putting much more effort into attacking an opponent with more intent to kill. He also seemed to have a preference for combo attacks, attacking his opponents mostly with a barrage of punches.

This episode begins with Genos arriving at the shelter to fight Seaking. He charges up so much to super punch Seaking. At first everyone in the shelter thought the day was saved, but then Seaking comes back, who seems to have no damage from the attack, and rips off one of the arms of Genos.

Genos tells everyone to escape while he is fighting Seaking. He charges up to his maximum power and was able to do some damage to Seaking. While they are fighting Seaking attempts to spit acid at a little girl, but Genos saves the girl. Unfortunately the acid went to him and he is now severely hurt.

Later at night, Saitama goes to eat at oden shop. Mumen Rider is also at the shop and offers to buy Saitama food to celebrate his promotion. A flashback shows on Saitama meeting Mumen for the first time when they are searching for Seaking to which makes Saitama remember him at the shop.

Ideally suited for deep water offshore oil & gas, military/defense, oceanographic research, and other harsh-environment subsea applications, the dry-mate connector series is built for optimal durability and reliability. Tested to 15,000 PSI (open face and mated), and equipped with integrated dual O-ring seals, marine bronze coupling nuts, corrosion-resistant stainless steel shells and high-pressure contact inserts with gold-plated signal contacts, special RF and fiber optic solutions, the Series 700 SeaKing is today's most advanced high-density signal and standard-density power underwater connector.

Glass sealed penetrators and feedthroughs provide sealed interconnect solutions for downhole applications such as logging while drilling (LWD) and measurement while drilling (MWD) applying methods such as near-balanced, underbalanced and overbalanced drilling. In these environments, conditions can reach temperatures approaching 300C while experiencing elevated shock and vibration, downhole fluids / pressures, and limited working room. Glenair HTHP penetrators are typically used where a waterproof seal is needed but connectorized separation from equipment is not. Standard plugs are rated to 10K PSI, mated condition. Standard receptacles are rated to 10K PSI both mated and open-face.

Special Ex design attributes of the series include an integral labyrinth flame path cooling zone, 2-part epoxy potting well, fixed in-line receptacles for attachment of cables to cable management brackets and trays, set screw (grub screw) secured protective safety covers, and durable life-of-system Ex marking labels.

Most of what we know about crabs comes from studies on shallow water species, such as the red king crab (the kind we normally eat). But as you go deeper into the sea, the crabs you encounter become ever more strange. Most have evolved specific adaptations to cope with life in deep water. What are some of these, and what advantages do they offer?

First of all, king crabs are not typical crabs. They are closely related to hermit crabs, and have many similar characteristics. Their abdomens (or tail-section) are twisted to one side, they have large right-handed claws, and their legs fold backwards, instead of forwards. Thus they can walk straight forward, unlike a Dungeness crab that normally walks sideways. King crabs also have an unusual mode of development. Most crabs hatch from eggs as a swimming shrimp-like larva, that immediately begins to feed on small planktonic organisms. Red king crabs do this too, but before they become bottom-dwelling crabs, they go through a transitional stage that is not capable of eating. Red king crabs live in relatively shallow water (less than 50 m). Because of this they are exposed to seasonally changing conditions of temperature and day length. As a result, they all reproduce during a specific season in the spring. However, most seamounts in the Gulf of Alaska are too deep for red king crabs.

Golden king crabs live much deeper, from 200-500 m, so they may not be exposed to strong seasonal signals. As a result, they may not reproduce simultaneously, or even in the same season. Research (by Tom Shirley) has demonstrated that the larvae of golden king crabs do not eat at all, but live off stored yolk, until they become bottom dwelling crabs many months later. In fact, no one has ever captured a larval golden king crab from the ocean. Eggs of golden king crabs are twice as large as those of the red king crab, and contain much more yolk. This is probably an adaptation allowing the larvae to survive at depths where there is much less plankton available as a food source. The scarlet king crab lives even deeper than the golden king crab, and has legs that are much thinner in respect to their length. This may be an adaptation to low oxygen levels, since the scarlet crab lives at 1000 m, near the oxygen minimum zone. Thinner legs require less oxygen, hence less energy. We don't know what the larvae look like, or how they develop, or when they hatch, or what or even if they eat.

A relative of king crabs, called the squat lobsters, lives below 2000 m. They are ghostly white and have no eyes. They live in rocky habitats where they can probably find food using their sense of smell. Because there is no light at this depth, they have little use for eyes, like a blind cavefish.

The deepest crab in the Gulf of Alaska is the large-clawed spider crab. Its body is about 10 cm across, but the legs reach up to 50 cm in length. The claw segment of adult males is over a foot long. They look like a giant daddy-long legs spider on steroids. These crabs live down to at least 3400 m (over 11,000 feet), and yet they have eyes. What for? What purpose do the long legs serve? How do they reproduce? These are some of the questions we will attempt to answer on our dives in Alvin. 041b061a72


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