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Committee on Appropriations Room S-128, The Capitol, Washington, D.C. 20510 (202) 224-7363

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Yesterday afternoon I ran out of patience after seeing a new notification, clicking on it, only to find it was yet again a prompt to download FB Messenger. I decided to rant a little bit on Twitter and fired off the following tweetstorm:

Yes! This is incredibly frustrating for me (also OCD about clearing notifications, email, etc.). My phone has limited space and I hate the idea of being baited into this sort of thing. I resisted downloading FB Messenger for quite a while before eventually giving in. There was a period of about 1 month where I would download FB Messenger each time I received a notification, read the message and immediately delete the app afterward.

Wondering if AppStore red box notifications about app updates annoy us like the FB Messenger notifications.Functionally, they involve the same action requirements from the user: download this app and the red notification box will clear and disappear.Yet the user experience feels so different.

One of the many reasons I still prefer Android. I have a Nexus 5 and use it with the Aviate launcher (disclosure, I work for a Yahoo JV), and the only annoyances I get are the little ones in the top of the screen.No ugly red dots for me.As others have said, they used to stress me out.

I love FB Messenger too. I also love FB Pages Manager and the notifications in particular. This is because I manage social media communications for several clients. The notification is a quick way for me to know if I have to attend to something or not. I use Hootsuite to compile all the client accounts and social media interactions but only look there when I am doing a more comprehensive analysis or planning a new campaign. FB notifications has allowed me to stay on top of issues in real time.

When Watch Dogs was first being discussed at Ubisoft, 5 years ago, Creative Director Jonathan Morin and his team knew a couple of things. They knew they wanted to explore the idea of hyperconnectivity in the modern world, and they knew wanted to make a game which promoted systemic, emergent play. While considering what they expected games to be like half a decade into the future, they realised they could use online features to do both of these at once. What better way to present the advantages and disadvantages of living in an always-connected society than through features that could only exist over an internet connection? 350c69d7ab


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