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The Benefits of Using Windows 7 Pro OA LATAM on Your Computer

you can install the microsoft windows 7 installation package from the iso image, but as stated earlier, because this is an oem install, you cannot use the microsoft windows 7 software download site. at the moment, the only two sites that i know of that have legitimate windows 7 downloads are:1.2.the catches: site 1 is a torrent site. as far as i know, it is safe and reliable, but not everyone is comfortable downloading torrents. site 2 only has windows 7 ultimate (i only looked for english versions; other languages may be different). you shouldbe able to edit the iso file to permit you to install windows 7 pro (or any other edition) using the following directions:clean install directions: - lemp volunteer moderator ms mvp (windows desktop experience) 2006-2009 microsoft community contributor (mcc) 2011-2012. step 1: you need to download the install files for windows 7 if you are reinstalling it on a system where it was previously installed.

windows 7 pro oa latam

the easiest way is to use a lenovo win7 disc. if you do not have one and cannot obtain a win7 disc through support, you can use the following instructions. i know dell provides win7 os only discs free of charge under warranty. you should check w/ lenovo.if you do not have a lenovo win7 disk, you can use any non-manufacturer branded windows 7 disk. that is, don 't use dell or hp brand disks because computer manufacturers put customizations on their disks which may cause unintended effects on your lenovo.some disks are locked to a specific version of win7.

i installed windows 7 pro using the retail version with a key from the sticker on the computer. everything worked fine until i ran avg free. the program says it can't install because i have a retail windows 7 pro copy of windows installed on the computer. i don't have the key. i also have a serial number. i have tried both from the website and the retail version. both don't work. the website says that the key is required to activate. why does the software say i need the key? what am i supposed to do?


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