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Maxell Cd Label Template Free Download Programs

Fix The Problem: Double check that you are using the correct label template. If you downloaded a template from our website, check the file name displayed at the top of your screen. It should contain the same size code as your sticky labels. For example, to print LP40/45 REM, you need a label template with LP40/45 in the file name.

Maxell Cd Label Template free download programs

Download File:

In Word, the page size can be found by clicking on the Layout tab and selecting Size. Check the measurements of the template by left clicking inside the table used to represent your blank labels. This will bring up an additional Table Tools Layout tab at the top of the page. Click on Properties to view the measurements used for each row/column/cell.

Fix The Problem: Double check the measurements of your label template. Check the measurements of Word label templates using the Properties tool in the Table Tools Layout tab. Graphics packages should also allow you to view the measurements of the items within your label template.

You can measure your sheet labels to find out what size your template should be using OR, if you have ordered from Label Planet, you can visit the relevant template information page to view detailed measurements of your sticky labels.

If the margins are the issue, alter the page margins of your label template as described above. If the size of the labels themselves (OR the gaps between the labels) is the issue, adjust the measurements of your label template to make it match your sheet labels.

Avoid The Problem: This is tricky to avoid unless you take the time to measure your self adhesive labels before printing your label template. We recommend test printing label templates to check for this misalignment issue without wasting your sticky labels.

We provide the tools you need to get the job done right, so printing your own labels has never been easier. Use Maestro Label Designer, compatible with every label size we offer, to design your labels or simply download a free template right from our site. However you choose to create your labels, we'll help you achieve the professional results you're looking for. Learn more about activation

Using CD/DVD Label Maker you can create your own CD/DVD, CD jewel cases, and / or print direct to CD with the ultimate in ease and flexibility! If you're sick of guessing which songs are on which CD, get the CD label software that automatically puts your track list on your CD/DVD label! Chock full of custom art for holidays and special occasions like Christmas, Valentines, birthdays, vacations, weddings and more! Automatically imports your track information from Acoustica MP3 CD Burner, iTunes, WinAmp, Easy CD Creator or any other popular playlist or previously burnt CD. Print on standard paper, stock sticker labels, CD jewel case templates or print directly on a CD or DVD.

Loaded full of custom art for holidays and special occasions like Christmas, Valentines, birthdays, vacations, weddings and more! Automatically imports your track information from Acoustica MP3 CD Burner, WinAmp, Easy CD Creator or any other popular play list! You can print on standard paper or stock sticker labels and jewel case templates.

Adding art is easy! Our special "I need to make a label but I'm in a big hurry" wizard makes it easy. Choose from tons of stock art all ready for you to print!. Choose themes from birthdays, weddings, jazz, hip-hop, classical, rock, holidays & more. Get 225 extra art pieces free when you purchase the software. If you are still hungry for even more art after that, local Yosemite artists have more for a mere $10. Of course, you can also load in your own art via our simple art search explorer which searches your hard drive for photos and art!

Printing is a snap! Once you've added your art and imported your track list, you need to print. If you've ever tried one of those programs that does not know about CD templates and you've had to set your margins up manually and probably wasted multiple stickers with mistake prints, your problems we'll be solved! We support many different CD/DVD label and CD jewel case templates! This includes Avery, Ace, Allsop, Belkin, Boma, Burlington,CassetteHouse, CD Stomper, CD Technology,CDLabelCorp, Compulabel, Data Becker, Decadry, Diamond, Discwasher, Dymo, HP, IBM, Imation, JP, Label Me, LabelGear, Lelabel, Lorenz Bell, Maxell, Memorex, Meritline, Micro Application, Mirage, Neato, PressIt, Primera, Quill, Sanwa, Staples, Stick-it, SureThing, TDK, Verbatim, WriteAway, Xerox & Zweckform. See full list of supported paper types.If you prefer a specific label template, no problem, we'll support it. And, if for some remote possibility, we don't support it, let us know and we'll make sure we support it! Customer service is a high priority for Acoustica!

  • Does this look familiar? Turn your unlabeled CDs and difficult to find songs from this... Into this.. Acoustica CD Label Maker solves your problem of unlabeled CDs. Very easy and a creative way to enjoy your custom MP3 CDs with your family and friends. Bring some sanity to your music collection and turn your CDs into beautiful creations with CD track listings! New! Version 3 now supports HP LightScribe direct labeling drives!

  • Import custom art or your own photographs

  • Automatically import your play lists into visually appealing arrangements.

  • Wizards help create your CD/DVD labels and jewel cases

  • Supports many different stock labels and jewel case templates

  • Integrates with Acoustica MP3 CD Burner

  • Registered users receive free art packs

And, don't forget to grab your extra art packs.


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