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Bruce Scott Software _BEST_

Scott landed on his feet, co-founding another database company, PointBase which was acquired by DataMirror, a company that would later be acquired by IBM. Ironically, PointBase is still being used in Oracle's WebLogic software.

Bruce Scott Software

Bruce is presently the founder and executive director of Church Growth Resources. Bruce is also the author/developer of the Healthy Church (formerly Ministry ToolBox) created for ministry professionals needing help in bringing philosophical ideas into focus and charting a course for the future. For more than 30 years, he has consulted with large churches throughout the United States and Canada in vision casting, organizational integrity and strategic ministry planning. More than 3,000 churches have purchased CGR's church health and strategic planning software to manage the ministry of their churches.

Founder and CEO Bruce Thompson has dedicated his career to improving the lives of dealers by making advancements in automotive retail technology, and is recognized for pioneering modern day inventory management software solutions.If we want an expanded bio on Bruce: Bruce launched CarOffer in August 2019 as the turnkey solution to acquiring and selling pre-owned inventory immediately and profitably in a dealer-to-dealer network. Leveraging his 25 years of industry expertise, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, Bruce developed an integrated platform that brings stock exchange trading efficiency to automotive inventory management - a function of dealership operations that has been stagnant for generations.

Bruce is responsible for all aspects of technology architecture and engineering at CedarCone. Bruce is an acknowledged industry expert in product development, agile methodology and software engineering.

Bruce has over 35 years of experience in building companies and developing software products. In addition to CedarCone, Bruce has co-founded four companies, including Oracle, Gupta/Centura, Pointbase and, and created each of their products from the first lines of code.

Prior to Cedarcone, Bruce was VP WW Engineering for Threatmetrix, an online fraud detection company. He was also responsible for software engineering at ParAccel, a massively parallel database company, and Sensage, a security monitoring and compliance company.

Certain software applications and applets transmit data to Company. Company may not make a formal disclosure if it believes its collection of and use of the information is the obvious purpose of the Site or its related application. If it is not obvious that Company is collecting or using such information, it will disclose its collection to you the first time you provide the information.

Now Bruce Bennett, a 36-year-old, Brooklyn-born whiz kid who spent his collegiate summers designing computer software for a top New York investment bank, is the lead attorney in the largest municipal bankruptcy case in U.S. history. He is charting new legal territory as he maneuvers to save the county from the mess Citron left.

The real turning point for Oracle was acquiring Sun Microsystems since it now also owned the Java Programming Language and the Solaris OS, along with being the biggest open-source MySQL Database. Only Microsoft and IBM beat Oracle in being the largest software suppliers globally!

Monmouth provided me with an excellent foundation in software engineering which allowed me to begin my career immediately upon graduation. I joined Computer Science Corporation (CSC) as a developer for a software logistics system for the United States Air Force. Monmouth used a programming language called Ada across the curriculum. Ada had been mandated for all Department of Defense projects which made me uniquely qualified for the position at CSC. Due to the severe consequences inherent in a military system, I learned excellent foundational practices and an appreciation for the process of building reliable systems.

To be a great programmer you must do it every day. I determined that I was not going to continue to develop software if I could not be great at it and turned my attention to the business of software. It was a great decision because I absolutely love the mix of business, technology, customers, technical teams, partners and everything in between.

My career has provided me so much opportunity. I have been involved in buying and selling software companies, worked with hundreds of customers and actively speak at conferences to whomever wants to listen. My business life has afforded me the opportunity to travel all over the world and I have even lived in China for two months on an assignment. The best part of it all has been the opportunity to work with smart and passionate people on difficult problems, and succeeding together. It has resulted in life-long friendships (as well as meeting my wife!). 041b061a72


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