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Finding a good movie to watch can sometimes be hard. There are many streaming platforms you can choose from for entertainment. But finding the right movie for you, especially black movies, can still be a chore.


This film is also a refreshing look at the familial relationships between black woman across generations. It offers some great superhero action while also bringing something tender and warm-hearted to the story.

This dramatic movie on Prime Video focuses a lot on the experience of black motherhood. The main character goes through a lot raising her two sons under the constant threat of violence in their world.

This movie is everything you would want in a whirlwind-romance period film. It is also a great example of black movies the celebrate black love. This is absolutely worth watching if this genre interests you.

Steven Fenves, born in 1931 in Subotica, Yugoslavia (now in Serbia), discusses his childhood and family; the day when Germany attacked Yugoslavia; the Hungarian occupation of Yugoslavia and the confiscation of his family's property; being forced to quarter Hungarian troops in his family's apartment; antisemitic laws and discrimination against Croats and Serbs during the Hungarian occupation; the changes that occurred when Germany occupied Hungary; the deportation of his father; being forced into the Subotica ghetto; being sent to the nearby transit camp of Bácsalmás; being deported to Auschwitz and separated from his mother, whom he never saw again; life in the children's barracks at Auschwitz; being picked to be a translator because of his knowledge of German; his involvement in the resistance and black market at Auschwitz; his deportation to Niederorschel, a subcamp of Buchenwald; a death march from Niederorschel to Buchenwald; the liberation of Buchenwald by American forces; returning to Subotica and reuniting with his sister and father; his father's death three months after his return; returning to school in Subotica and life in Yugoslavia under communism; going to school in Paris, France; and immigrating to the United States. [Note: this summary may not reflect the entirety of the interview; it may also contain additional biographical information that is not discussed in the interview.] 041b061a72


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