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Ptv Drama Serial Haqeeqat Last Episode _TOP_

These fictional twin sisters became the butt of many jokes after a clip from an episode of A-Plus TV's 2020 drama Haqeeqat went viral on social media. The clip, which shows the sisters embroiled in a rather bizarre marital situation, left viewers both amused and critical of the story. However, Haqeeqat's director Muhammad Ashar Asghar feel that viewers should watch the complete drama before criticising the story.

ptv drama serial haqeeqat last episode

Before the drama's viral moment, it mostly received positive reviews from viewers on YouTube, he said. "For the past year, Haqeeqat's episodes on YouTube have gathered more than eight million views and all the comments underneath the episode videos are very positive. People have appreciated the drama which deals with sensitive societal issues. The number of views it has received speaks for the drama's success."

The confusion is deliberately caused by the aunt of the grooms to sabotage their marriages as her daughter is in love with one of the brothers. The drama is part of the series, Haqeeqat, which depicts different real-life stories in each episode. Hence, it can be assumed that this situation happened with someone in real life.

They have even faced bans from PEMRA for problematic and bold content as well. Earlier, Pakistani politician, Sharmila Faruqi, had criticized the increasing portrayal of domestic violence in Pakistani drama serials.

On the weekend, Sharmila Faruqi took to her Instagram account and posted a snapshot from the drama serial, Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3. The scene showed Sohail Sameer, playing the character of Nazim Shah, slapping his wife, Sahiba, played by Sunita Marshal in the serial.


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