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Pinterest has a help center that you can access, which has answers to many of the questions you may have. Visit to access the help center, and browse through any of the help topics. Some popular topics include:


Are you looking for tools that help you to download Pinterest videos from Then you are in the right place. By using our online Pinterest video downloader, you can download videos from Pinterest in one click. Use our fast and responsive downloading tool to download video from Pinterest. Just go to, copy the link of the video you want to download, paste the copied link in the Pinterstvideo input box, and hit the download button to start downloading.

The easiest way to explore Pinterest without logging in is to go to the search bar in a web browser on a desktop and enter the address This will direct the user to a home page with categories at the top, and a 'More' button which expands the view to bring up additional topics. Below this, there's a section labeled 'Explore popular ideas' with various pins. While pop-ups may keep appearing urging users to sign in while browsing, they can be ignored or dismissed by clicking on the 'x' button.

While it's simple for firms to create their own pin boards on, Lipsman says businesses can make their products even more Pinterest-friendly by adding "Pin It" buttons to their websites. So if a user sees a photo she likes online, it takes a simple click to add it to her personal site.

But my friends and relatives use Pinterest (, also a free Pinterest app is available) to share their ideas, photos, likes, and interests (pins). Sometimes, the best place to start is a search for your favorite subject. 041b061a72


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